Well, this seemed like a good idea.  How hard can it be to put down some ideas in a blog?  I have lots of ideas and it would seem thinking of ideas and writing about those thoughts would go together naturally.  Nope.

The way we think and how we write are very different.  Thinking is more like objects or images.  Writing about thoughts is more like trying to boil down the entire essence of a painting to a few sentences.  The object or image of the painting in our brain includes colors, smells, textures, the frame, “I’m hungry”, “My feet hurt”, “When does the gallery close?”, “Is that a pigeon?”, etc.  Basically, the entire thought which needs to be described in words needs a lot of sifting through to make sense.  In fact, the transcribed thought must make sense to other people not only the writer.  Which is why this whole blog thing is starting to seem much harder than I had anticipated.

I think the best place to start would be what I know the most about, me.  I am AC Crocker, a husband, a father, dog lover, scientist, engineer, omnivore, and human.  I am not lying when I say, I am married to Betty Crocker.  I am also the son of a preacher man.  My nearly six month old puppy finally learned to catch a flying disk.  As a scientist, I worked in many aspects of medical imaging specifically in oncology and cardiovascular research.  My engineering path is in software engineering currently focused in sustainable energy.  I love barbecue.  I am a human, always.

Which gets us to what I’m really interested in writing about, humans.  Humans are such a broad subject and quite frankly not everything about humans do I find interesting enough to write about.  What I do find fascinating is how humanity will move out to the stars.  Actually, that is pretty much what this blog will be about.  How do we humans start living among the stars?

I believe that to move out among the stars will not only be a technological paradigm shift but also how we humans think of ourselves in the universe.  There are some exciting new technologies I will explore and some not so new that could have new applications in space.  I will delve into how we humans have a tendency to not worry about very real dangers of extinction level events.  Or more appropriately, events that may not kill all the humans but will make getting a cup of coffee difficult.  Relocating humans to space should be a fairly interesting topic.

Now I would like to thank you.  Thank you for reading my first blog post on  I will be working on new posts and content as often as possible to share with you.  Thanks, may you find space.



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