Credit for header art

I had been thinking about what image or art to use for the @C blog header.  Since this blog is predominantly about humans and space that some graphic representing the two would be appropriate.  To get ideas I searched the web for space, space stations, humans in space, living in space, satellite, dogs in space,  and you get the idea.  I just could not find my feeling on the subject.

Then the Cassini mission caught my attention.  What wonderful images of the planet Saturn, the moons, and rings.  Sifting through the thousands of images I accidentally came across some poster art for the moons of Saturn.  The Titan poster caught my eye.  It shows people in boats riding the tides through the Throat of Kraken with Saturn in the background.  It was perfect!  The colors are fiery yet beautiful like a sunset.  There are people in boats that conveys the concept of visiting an off world location.  Also, that we all may not be in the same boat but we can get to the same destination.

I choose to focus on the top most area of the poster with the people and boats to use for the header.  For now, the header captures my mood.

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